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Make Rostering Easy

Make Rostering Easy

A slight reduction in labour costs can
translate into huge improvements in profitability. Microster enables businesses to thrive by deploying a demand driven, best person - best cost workforce.

Learn how you can optimise your workforce

Fast WHS Compliance

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ComOps introduces Salvus Lite! An easy to implement, fully featured solution to have you compliant in as little as one week! Based on our leading WHS solution, Salvus Lite ensures best practice without the cost and hassle. 

Get compliant today

Efficient WFM

Microster enables organisations to evaluate & manage workforce performance, while taking into consideration; rostering & staff schedules, award & enterprise rules, availability, fatigue, rates of pay, allowances, suitability, budgeting & costing and demand management.

efficient workforce management

Workforce Management Insights

  • Why your Health Care Organisation needs Self-Scheduling 24x7x365 days per year.

    That’s the amount of time health care managers need to keep track of. The Hospital is always open, and with it, the staff must be scheduled. Managing ...

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  • Embrace Mobile and Be Efficient

    With mobile applications becoming increasingly important to today’s businesses and their future success, a truly progressive workforce solution must e ...

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  • Absenteeism — what is it costing your business?

    Employees are taking an average of 9 days sick, sickie or carers leave per year with the typical cost of absenteeism costing organisations between $27 ...

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  • Is worker fatigue a risk to your business?

    The impairment of 24 hours without sleep is similar to 0.1% blood alcohol level. Fatigue is a recurring theme in workplace accidents/incidents. The r ...

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  • Reducing employee stress in the workplace

    According to new research from Medibank 24/7 Health Advice Line; 85% of Australians experience severe stress in the workplace, 68% of workers have sle ...

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