Efficient Workforce Management

It goes without saying that people are the key success factor in any business. They drive service level capabilities and account for the largest operational cost for most organisations. 

Microster Best Person - Best Cost Workforce

At ComOps we understand that even a fractional reduction in labour costs can translate into huge improvements in profitability and that rostering and scheduling are central to any organisations productivity and quality of service. This is why our fully integrated Microster suite provides a complete workforce management solution with a fundamental focus upon optimising your labour force, whilst driving down costs.

For many years Microster has been helping organisations across a wide range of industries to:

  • Proactively Control Labour Costs

    Proactively Control Labour Costs

    With improvements in staff schedules, control of overtime and absence, improved labour utilisation and minimised administration costs, Microster can deliver significant fiscal savings.

    Rosters can be costed throughout the roster cycle, allowing for proactive labour control and enforcing budget responsibility before rosters are finalised.

    Manage Your Labour Costs More Effectively

  • Optimise Personnel Utilisation

    Optimise Personnel Utilisation

    Using information such as employee skill, availability, leave, personnel equity and a wide range of rostering rules, workforce managers can be confident that they have the right people with the right skills to support operational needs.

  • Minimise Fatigue Risk and Exposure

    Minimise Fatigue Risk & Exposure

    Microster can provide a quantifiable, audited record of hourly and 'Shift Maximum' fatigue scores to support optimal placement and minimise exposure to general and OHS incidents. The fatigue management module can also be used to support change management when introducing alternative rostering practices and modelling future workforce requirements.

    Minmise Fatigue Risk & Exposure

  • Improve Quality of Service

    Improve Quality of Service

    Microster continually improves the quality of service levels by enforcing the appropriate mix of skills to support operational peaks.

    Providing Auto Skilling outcomes with rostering task rotations and utilising fatigue management rules ensures that staff can deliver the required services in a quality manner.


  • Maximise staff_retention

    Maximise Staff Retention Rates

    Microster helps organisations to protect contracted employee conditions and maintain complex award agreements so that they can maximise staff retention rates.

    'Rules-based' rostering  ensures that rosters remain compliant with negotiated industrial agreements and lowers the risk of exposure to union violations, whilst still supporting employee auto-skilling requirements.

  • Optimise communication

    Optimise Communication

    With powerful unattended rostering capabilities, Microster will ensure that you are never left short staffed. The system utilises a range of communication transports such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS, Self Service, Attendance Clocking, and Workflow and Email functionalities in order facilitate cost effective 24/7 unattended rostering anytime of the night or day.